The "Mind Factor" made the difference for Bette!

8 April 2015

I would like to congratulate..

Bette Hamilton from Frilford Heath G.C on her recent success! 

Bette has been having lessons with me for around 2 years now, but came to me for a Mind Factor session a couple of weeks before her recent win and here's what she had to say about it :)

"We start our golf season with what is generally considered to be the toughest competition of the year bar the championship. It is designed to be both a test of golfing ability and endurance to get players fit for the match season ahead. It is open to all players of handicap 24 & under and traditionally won by low, usually single figure handicap ladies.

It is played over 2 consecutive days on two courses. The format is a qualifying medal round on the first morning. The top 8 net scorers go through to the afternoon quarterfinals which are played off full handicap. The four victors meet the next morning on the 2nd course to play the semi final followed by the final on the same course that afternoon.

I am a 19 handicap player. I enter most years and have always qualified, I've once got through to the semifinal to be knocked out by an 8 handicapper.

This year I entered as usual. I had 2 aims for the day. One was to get a card in, the first of the year, the other was to play into my buffer zone. I turned up, paid up and played the course so first goal achieved. My partner & I agreed from the start 'no idle chatter', concentrating was our aim. My inner mantra was 'one shot at a time', something I've said a zillion times before only this time I positively shouted it. I had to do this to drown out the little man in my head who insists on planting stupid ideas, such as 'Oh good, you parred the first hole maybe you'll win the competition' or alternatively 'You had an 8 on a par 4 so obviously you're rubbish today.' I had to be quite firm with him even on occasion shouting rude words to him...thank goodness my partner couldn't hear them. At the end of the round I quietly told him I'd achieved my second goal...just.

As is always the case I could only be responsible for my own play, what the rest of the field did was an mystery until lunch time. The CSS went up by 2 and I was the 2nd best qualifier. I'd been here before & uninvited the little man came along to see how I did in the quarterfinals as he did the next morning...and afternoon. He was there to see me win. I'd managed to silence him for 2 whole days by sticking firmly to a simple game plan and remaining completely focused on the only shot that mattered...the one I was playing. The reason I could sustain this approach was quite simply self belief. Something Deana has helped me to experience for myself in a way I have not had demonstrated before. It is not a magic pill and requires constant work but I appreciate now more than ever that the mental game is every bit as important as the physical and I CAN do some thing about it.

Thank you Deana. See you soon."

If you'd like to know how I helped Bette to improve her concentration and self belief, give me a call to book in for a Mind Factor session. 

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