This is why I love my job

26 February 2018

I am 100% genuine when I say that I love my job!


I say this for many reasons. It is an absolute buzz to help someone who might be struggling and get them back on their golfing feet and see them smiling and really chuffed when themselves when they see that they can still do it! Or to take someone who has never picked up a club before and help them to hit the ball when they've come to you saying that they are "not particularly sporty" but wanted to see if they could be any good at golf.

One of the other many reasons why I love my job is because of the people I meet that come to me for coaching. I love to hear about their lives and what their goals are/have been and what they have achieved/would like to achieve, not just in sport, in life in general. I really do find people fascinating and inspiring. 

This leads me onto a gentleman I have been coaching since October of last year, James Stewart. Despite being a Scot, James didn't come out of the womb with a desire to instantly reach for a 5 iron?! He is 65 and has decided after his 2 very successful careers, to take up golf and start blogging! The latter for mental stimulation and inspiration to what he describes a particular demographic "S.W.A.L's" Seniors With Athletic Lifestyles!

James has given me a glowing report bless him on his golf blog

If anyone fits this demographic or would like a spot of inspiration for when they do, James is definitely worth a follow!

He has already inspired me, at the end of each lesson we compare FitBit stats, and I'm ashamed to say that his cardio fitness score ranks higher than mine despite him being 25 years my senior. I'm aiming to rectify this and draw level with him by the end of the year! Watch this space! :-)

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