Mind Factor

I'm currently one of only a hand full of PGA Professionals in the UK that is a certified Master Mind Factor Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner.

I have been trained by the leading European Tour golf psychologist Dr Karl Morris, who is Mind Coach to Ryder Cup stars like Graeme McDowell & Lee Westwood.

Due to attending the Mind Factor courses I gained a diploma in NLP Sports Psychology & Hypnosis. As a result of this I can help you to improve & achieve the following by the use of simple and effective exercises:

  • Self image, self esteem, self belief and self confidence.
  • A feeling of calmness on the golf course.
  • A reduction in anxiety and 1st tee nerves.
  • Strategies to manage anger and emotions.
  • An increased enjoyment from your game.
  • Concentration and focus.
  • Individual IPS (Ideal Performance State).
  • More productive and motivating practice sessions, resulting in an increased sense of achievement.
  • The transition from the driving range to the golf course.


I feel so excited about what I have learned and I cannot wait to share it with people and improve their game further. I feel that I have increased and developed my knowledge and understanding tenfold, enabling my answers to common questions asked on a daily basis i.e. "How come I can hit the ball fantastically on the range and then go out to play like I've never picked up a club before?" to be more informed and useful to the golfer.

If you are interested in really improving your game on a one-to-one basis or in a group of friends, for personalised assessments, sessions and lesson packages contact Deana on 07739 844527


Albert Einstein Quotes: 'Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'.
If this is you, then take a golf lesson with a difference and get a different result!