CoachNow my new coaching platform

20 May 2020

I’ve recently signed up for the premium version of CoachNow! I’m really excited about this product and really feel that it will be a beneficial tool in helping the people I coach to get better. 

When you sign up for a lesson I will send you a link to my CoachNow account, here is a link explaining how to accept my invitation 

The benefits of this platform are:

  • The videos from your lessons are stored in one place
  • Each lesson will have voice notes/reminders attached to help you remember what we are working on when you are practicing on your own
  • Your videos are in your own private folder for you to access anytime, anywhere
  • You can communicate with me through the app
  • If you are struggling or are on a maintenance program, then you can video your swing and send it through to me on the app for some advice
  • For comparison from one lesson to the next, it will be much quicker for me to pull up your old swings as they will be on your own locker

I hope you enjoy using the app and get as much out of it as I think you will! 

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