My booking system explained

21 August 2020

A brief summary of my booking system:


  • Firstly select the type of lesson that you wish to book
  • This will automatically take you to my calendar and availability 
  • The next available date will be highlighted with a BLUE box
  • The dates in RED are fully booked and if you select one of these days, the system will automatically bounce you on to the next available day
  • Select the time which suits you and then fill in your details 
  • Once on the payment page, it will give you the option to select pay by credit card or skip payment. Select skip payment if you wish to pay me directly on the day by card, cash or bank transfer

For Package lessons


  • Select which package you wish to book
  • For follow up lessons scroll down the options until you see for example if you’ve booked Package One, Lesson 2/3/4 Package One. This will ensure that you aren’t charged for the follow up lessons.

For Gift Vouchers


  • Scroll down to the bottom where you can select Gift Voucher 30/60/90 minutes 
  • Please enter the value and expiry date of your Gift Voucher in the comments box

For cancellations


  • Please give 24 hours notice, cancellations after this period will be charged for
  • You can cancel/reschedule through the link in your initial email confirmation of your booking, or you can contact me directly. 

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