NEW BOOKING OPTIONS from May to September!

28 March 2021

On the day slots coming soon...


Last year was an incredibly busy year for golf, me and my coaching diary, which was brilliant to see! For those of you who have booked lesson packages, I would suggest that you book some or all of your remaining lessons in advance, spacing your lessons so that you have enough time to practice between each lesson, and so that the information is absorbed and we are ready to move forward at your next lesson. 

As May to September tend to be my busiest months and people book in advance, this often means I am fully booked weeks in advance. I have realised that this isn’t ideal for people who find themselves in a sudden loss of form and would like to be seen sooner rather than later, or for people who struggle to book far in advance.

So as a solution, I am proposing to offer on the day slots during those months, Monday to Thursday. 

Each morning at 8am I will release a reserved slot for a random time later that day for people to view and book on my online booking system. 

Many thanks 




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