STARTING NEXT WEEK! Golf meets Mindfulness 4 week online course

23 February 2021

Following on from the successes of the previous Golf Meets Mindfulness courses than I ran last year, I have decided to run another to kick start the season and help golfers to create the ideal golf mindset for when we get back to playing! 

The people who have attended the previous courses and that did the practice between sessions experienced the following positive impact on their game and how they felt in themselves:

  • New personal best scores
  • Best score in competition in 4 years
  • Multiple handicap reductions 
  • Lowest ever handicap 
  • A sense of calmness 
  • Able to stay more focused on the shot/over the ball
  • Happiest they had left the golf course after a bad round
  • Not being as hard on themselves and able to bounce back quicker
  • Improved sleep quality 

The course will be held online on Zoom starting on Tuesday 2nd March 7pm and will cover the following:

  • Week 1: How to stay present & best ways to practice 
  • Week 2: Focusing your attention & competitive practice 
  • Week 3: Working on your self talk and attitude & tournament mindset 
  • Week 4: Putting it all together and creating the ideal performance state

The course starts at 7pm on Tuesday 2nd March and will run at the same time for the following 3 Tuesdays ending on the 23rd March.

The cost for the course is £100 

If you cannot attend a session(s) then the session can be recorded and sent to you. The course is interactive and the more you take part in the discussions and immerse yourself in the practices, the more you will get out of it.

This course will certainly help improve the way you approach golf mentally and will help you to get out of your own way and unlock some of your hidden potential. 

Sign up on the link below

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