6th video How to improve your golf swing without even hitting a ball!

15 April 2020

The video below is certainly worth a watch to understand how you can ingrain good habits into your golf swing in a 3 week period without even hitting a ball! Read more

5th video How to improve your pace putting at home

10 April 2020

Here’s a video to explain how to ensure you find the sweet spot on the putter face time after time which will undoubtedly improve your feel and distance control. Read more

The lesson lottery draw!

10 April 2020

Simply get in touch with me to pick your number (1-20) each entry is £5 which will give you a chance to WIN a 1 hour lesson when the lockdown ends! A voucher will be emailed to you with a validity of 6 months from the end of lockdown. Read more

4th video How to improve your chipping at home

7 April 2020

Below is a link to give you some ideas on how to work on your chipping and to improve your feel at home during the isolation period! Read more

3rd video increase your DISTANCE

28 March 2020

You could actually come out of isolation with more distance on your drives if you follow this training method?! Click on the link below for more information ⛳️  Read more

2nd video how visualisation can improve your golf

27 March 2020

Click on the link below to discover the story of how a prisoner of war improved his golf in his 6 foot cell during the Vietnam war...❤️⛳️  Read more

No lessons until further notice

22 March 2020

I have sent the following message to my beloved clients that I have booked in over the coming weeks... Read more

1st video to help maintain your golf swing during self isolation

20 March 2020

Below is a link to a short video I filmed straight after a playing lesson yesterday, so please excuse the dirty shoes and crazier than usual hair! Read more

COVID-19 precautions

19 March 2020

Hello golfers! Read more

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