tpilevel1T.P.I is short for Titleist Performance Institute.

The concept of the T.P.I is to identify and rectify any physical limitations which may affect your golf swing and thereby hinder your performance.

The T.P.I method has been formulated from over 50 of the worlds best Golf Professionals, Biommechanics experts, Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals and Fitness Trainers. This training method is used by all the Titleist staff Tour players, including Louis Oosthuizen, Henrik Stenson and Luke Donald.



To establish these physical limitations I will carry out a simple 12 point screening process. Then I will individualise your lessons according to the results. In addition I can provide you with a personalised tailored exercise plan to improve your physical ability to hit great golf shots. These exercises could be carried out in your own home or at the gym.
To achieve your true golfing potential call me to book a consultation. 

My fee for a one hour T.P.I consultation inclusive of body screen and exercise plan is £50.